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The polybox service is used for online data storage and is a safe place for ETH members to exchange data with each other. The polybox service covers the following use case: «polybox – Use it as a logical memory stick – save your data on the ETH campus»


As an internal service provider, the ITS System Services (SD) offer all ETH members the service «polybox.ethz.ch» with 50 GB of storage space on the ETH Zurich’s storage facilities.

The data stored on the polybox servers are stored on the central storage facilities of the ETH Zurich. Using the service polybox avoids the usage of external (uncontrollable) storage.

Sync Clients are provided for an efficient and easy use of the service polybox for all common operating systems (mobile as well as desktop).

All ETH members have access to the polybox service. On the first login on «polybox.ethz.ch» with the ETH account, an account with 50 GB of storage is created automatically.

Access to polybox

Different methods of using the service polybox are offered:

Desktop Sync Clients (Windows, OS X & Linux)

Mobile Sync Clients (Android & iOS)

Please note that the service polybox is not a substitute for the NAS service of the ITS System Services. Files uploaded to polybox, in particular automated via the use of a Sync Client, should never be the only copy. The recommended way is to edit files in the original location and make a copy in the sync folder to deploy to polybox.


Please report problems to the ITS Service Desk (Email: ser­vi­ce­desk@id.ethz.ch / Tel. 044 632 77 77)


The ITS Service Desk is available for assistance

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